Special Report 10/2019

2019-10-13 00:00:00

Ex-post audit to The Fund of Archaeological Proceeds

The audit focused on: a. the two main sources of revenue, namely the revenue from entrance tickets to archaeological museums and sites and the proceeds from the sale of other goods of industrial or craft origin and b. the reimbursement of reservations, the remuneration for overtime work, the grant to the Mutual Aid Fund of the Ministry of Culture and the audit of the expenditures of transport of goods and cargo

The audit identified key weaknesses in: a. the observance of the Accounting Plan, b.  the maintenance of the Register of Commitment,c.the monitoring of receipts through accounts held by the Fund of Archaeological Proceeds in the Banks, d.the keeping of the accounts of the agency's revenue from the preservation of tickets in museums and archaeological sites under the supervision of the Fund of Archaeological Proceeds, e.the recording and monitoring of sales of items and their revenue-receipts from archaeological sites-museums, f. the recording and monitoring of liabilities from expropriation allowances, g.the management of the funds of the Fund of Archaeological Proceeds by the administrators (accounting officers).

Recommendations: a. proper keeping of Balance Sheet, General Operating and Profit and Loss accounts, b. implementation of monitoring and valuation procedures for stocks and fixed assets, c. addressing weaknesses in customer-supplier monitoring, d. correct separation and updating of revenue and receivables accounts, e.the automated process of identifying and accounting for operating revenues in the Integrated Financial Management Information System and the automated process of registering bank transactions, f. operation and maintenance of the Register of Commitments, g. the safeguarding of the proceeds from the sale of tickets and items to be sold, h. the monitoring of expropriated properties, i.the establishment of an internal control unit.

The Hellenic Court of Audit may carry out a follow-up audit.

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