Rules of Procedure: Internal Control Systems

Decision ΦΓ8/57805

Plenum of the Hellenic Court of Audit:
"Rules of Procedure for the Administrative and Audit Services of the Court of

Article 23
Audit of Internal Controls and Internal Audit Functions

  1. The Court of Audit monitors and evaluates the effectiveness and adequacy of the Internal Audit Functions and the internal controls of all General Government entities. The above audits include both general IT controls and application controls.
  2. The purpose of the audit, which is conducted according to the guidelines of a relevant manual, is to identify the weaknesses and risks pertaining to internal controls and the operation of Internal Audit Functions, which hinder the prevention, detection or timely correction of material misstatements at the assertion level related to particular classes of transactions, account balances and disclosures or the achievement of the general objectives of the entity.


Audit of effectiveness of internal control systems - Article 341 - Law 4700/2020

Rules of Procedure - Internal Control Systems - Decision 55081

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