Rules of Procedures: Public Contracts

Rules of Procedures – Public Contracts

Decision ΦΓ8/57805

The Plenum of the Hellenic Court of Audit:
"Rules of Procedure for the Administrative and Audit Services of the Court of

Article 20
Pre-contractual audit

1. When a pre-contractual audit is carried out, a relevant questionnaire is applied based on
the type of contract audited, according to articles 35 and 36 of the Code.
2. After the completion of an audit, in the cases where the Commissioner considers that the
signing of the contract is not prevented, s/he should draw up a summary Act stating only the
audit conclusion in a manner which fully corresponds to the audited draft contract. The
summary Act may include the non-prevention reasoning even though issues of legality had
risen, as well as suggestions for eliminating, modifying or supplementing the contractual
terms deemed necessary for the legality of the contract.
3. If the competent Commissioner considers that the contract should be prevented from
being signed, s/he draws up a summary Act specifically stating the reasons with reference to
the applicable provisions and the case’s circumstances, which emerge from the file’s
submitted documentation.
4. The Commissioner’s decision that the contract should be prevented from being signed
shall mean that, after examining all data included in the relevant file, only the specific
irregularities cited by her/him in the summary Act were found.


Articles 324 to 329 of L.4700-2020

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