Special Report 1/2016

2016-01-13 00:00:00

Financial audit with performance audit of the Hellenic Single Public Procurement

The audit assessed, for the reference years, the reliability of the Authority's transactions, the effectiveness and economy of the selected resources to achieve its founding objectives and the framework of internal administrative controls to ensure the objectives of the Authority and compliance with the applicable legislative and regulatory framework.

The audit highlighted weaknesses, deficiencies and omissions within the administration and in the criteria of economy and effectiveness in the procedures for selecting the Authority's core resources (mainly human resources, building lease, service contractors) which may lead to failure to address potential risks, correction of possible errors/irregularities and in particular issues of compliance with the requirements of the law.

The Hellenic Court of Audit made recommendations (e.g. completion of the National Public Procurement Database) and a follow-up audit was carried out.

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