Special Report 1/2015

2015-01-13 00:00:00

Financial audit with performance audit data of the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission.

The main objectives of the audit were to determine:a. whether the procedure for collecting electronic communications fees ensures the completeness of the revenue, b. if the antenna licensing procedure through the Electronic System for the Antenna Construction Application Submission (SILYA) effectively fulfills the objectives of the (one stop-shop).

The main conclusion of the financial audit is that while the procedures set are reliably functioning and achieving their purpose of recognizing and attesting radio frequency revenues, for revenue from general licensing fees, there is room for improvement through the application of stronger internal controls.The audit of the antenna licensing procedure through the SYLYA shows that the main objectives set for a one-way procedure and completion within four months had not been met at the time of the audit.

The Hellenic Court of Audit made the relevant recommendations.

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